Ireland’s Doors are Open

Ireland’s Doors are Open

After 18 months of closure, Ireland has finally reopened travel to the country as of July 19. Traveling allowed? You know what that means. A TOUR TO IRELAND! The U.S Embassy in Ireland informs that there is currently no curfew in place and intercity and state travel is allowed. 

In the beginning of June, restaurants and pubs reopened for outdoor dining. Farrier & Draper, a popular Dublin bar with an underground restaurant, La Cucina, is open to customers to dine outdoors as well as takeout. Sit in front of the restaurant while drinking your favorite cocktail and eating your favorite Italian dish. Some other mouth-watering and beautiful restaurants you can dine at are “The Woolen Mills”, which has a lovely rooftop terrace with views of Dublin’s quays, “Wigwam”, which has bookings available for on-street dining as well as seating available on the terrace, and “Bonobo”, a must-go for pizza lovers!

The Dublin Coalition Government has reopened indoor dining as of yesterday, July 26th. Reopening indoor dining is “a giant leap towards reopening hospitality businesses safely, viably and sustainably” according to The Restaurants Association of Ireland.

Now that international travel is permitted, it’s the perfect time to take the trip of a lifetime and experience Ireland: an ideal and beautiful travel destination and everything it has to offer. Inquire about booking a tour today with NACTA Travel! You’ll be connected with a personal travel agent who will be there every step of the way. Here at NACTA Travel we provide Outstanding Service, Outstanding Value.

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